Friday, May 8, 2009

Puerto Princesa is a journey through time

While most tourists really go for site seeing, shopping and eating pleasures, there is another distinct feature that Puerto Princesa offers via the Legend Palawan tours. It must be remembered that Puerto Princesa was formerly a shipping and trade port even before the Spaniards came. Determined by its perfect geography against the high winds of the China Sea, this port in Palawan offers safe passage to the other nearby islands in the Visayas such as Romblon. For marine life, like the dolphins, whales and fishes, the stretch from Coron Bay, Honda Bay and the Sulu Sea offers less treacherous currents for marine life versus the open water of the China Sea. Taking a tour around Puerto Princesa takes you exactly back to where these old traders traverse the Visayan islands. Imagine you are a Chinese trader from Taiwan, selling china pots for garlic. Lot of tourists get mesmerized by Palawan's unique natural scapes nowhere else to be found in the other Philippine islands.

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