Monday, May 4, 2009

“Leave nothing but footprints”

It is instinct for human beings to travel. Given two legs and feet, just moving forward one foot a time, man has circled the planet a million times. Travel to Palawan won’t ask you to be super mountain climbers clad with all gadgets. But footgear is important so that you can maximize your stay while doing adventures in Palawan. Here are tips of footgear for Palawan:

1. Slippers or Mojos. Basic for leisure walks in cemented streets, beaches and simple mountain trails.

2. Rubbershoes or Hiking Shoes. These will be perfect if the mountain trails become a bit soggy due to a little rain in the afternoons. Protection is also needed when you walk the mountain paths you find because you don’t know what insects lurk in the forest floors.

3. Rubber moccasins if you plan on leisure walking on the beaches. It will protect you from thorns or sharp seashells by the seashore.

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