Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kill nothing but time

Time will slow down when you’re in Palawan. There’s no rush going to the office. There’s no mrt to catch or cab to haggle with. Take a breather and kill nothing but time, as the mountaineers go. So how does one kill time?

1. Do the longest hair hot oil that you have ever done.
2. Take a foot spa at the beach using only the most natural ingredients on earth, sand and sea.
3. Do a paparazzi pictorial complete with costume change and creative make up.
4. Read books and novels you always wanted to devour.
5. Just walk around and explore the sights.
6. Movie marathon. Watch the whole season of your favorite tv series, twice.
7. Chat with friends and family you are with at Palawan.
8. Videoke all night long at PAD’s Concert Rooms.
9. Or simply spend a quiet moment with your hubby, daughter or son, grandma or grandpa, dad or mom.

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