Friday, May 1, 2009

Kayak One Two Three

This is considered a water sport in most resorts. It’s better to kayak on calm and safe waters. Essentially it is small boat – canoe that teaches city boys above how it feels like being a fisherman at sea minus the gameboys, the Play Stations and other gadgets that leave the imagination nothing. It’s best to have the proper gear for Kayak such as the life vests, the googles and paddles that you can handle. For two rowers, coordination is the key. Once you both get the synergy of rowing so that you get to your desired destination faster and smoother, you’d know that you’re partner for life, otherwise just kayak alone. It’s also best to kayak between 6am to 10am. During this time, the sun is healthier and the sea calmer. For a little more adventure, try it when the tides are changing.

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