Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dolphin Watching

These creatures are absolutely magical especially in the wild. They turn into clowns in the zoo but in the ocean, swimming with their groups, the experience of seeing these creatures out in the wild open is definitely memorable and meaningful. They can swim faster than the bancas. They can dive deep into the waters. But for a few minutes, they will swim with the motorboats clad with excited tourists that can turn into a frenzy as well.

Swimming in groups, a spectator can’t set ones eyes on one particular dolphin because there’s just so many to choose one. Everyone’s a favorite until one particular dolphin shoots up above the water and dives back again into the water taking you by surprise because you don’t see that coming.

Safety at sea is a priority with sea tours and following instructions of the banca’s captain is a must. Book your dolphin sea tours with The Legend Palawan where dolphin watching get more magical each time.

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