Monday, April 13, 2009

Underground River Experience

Going through the Underground River would seem so plain. Shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan may be more exhilarating. The Underground River is not a plain river. The experience of going through the river is the one that puts the destination so much apart from other river treks in the country. One would instantly feel the river’s raw beauty as it takes one’s sense to greater heights. The smell, the temperature, the surrounding sounds of the tunnel puts you instantly in another dimension. There’s even a part in the trek when there’s just pitch black darkness. And suddenly you feel so blind, thereby making your other senses more energized and alert. The underground river experience can be plain for people who are less sensitive. It can be soul searching for people who are spiritually charged. But surely, it’s fun to try with people you love.

Palawan is a different place to be in, let Legend Palawan Hotel be your guide.

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