Thursday, April 9, 2009

To do at night

Karaoke. Singing is indemic to Filipinos. We just love to sing and the Filipino success in the American Idol proves this time and again.

Grill seafood. Life at the metropolitan barely give you time to heat up the charcoals, marinate and slowly grill favorite meals while stroking it with your favorite sauces. At the Legend Palawan, grilling is a serious enjoyment!

Massage. Adventures around the island and being exposed to sun will make you want to have a massage before totally slumbering on soft mattresses. This is a must when taking a break from that ergonomic chair.

Play board games. Done with the family, without office phonecalls from demanding clients is great in the middle of your vacation in Palawan. After dinner, open that game board fit for the whole family. Tag team in Monopoly and out beat each other while having fun. Mom vs Dad, Kuya vs Ate, Girls vs Boys….

Watch favorite movies. Good thing there’s DVD or VCD because even if you miss that theater blockbuster, when you get time off, like a night of nothing to do in Palawan, you can go watch that favorite action, drama, suspense or love story you always wanted to watch but couldn’t get the time to watch.

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