Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To do at the beach

Sun bathe. Sun bathe safely by using sun block. The good vitamins for the skin can be acquired from 8am to 10am. Anything after ten am will be harmful.

Play ball. Volleyball, Beach football, patintero, agawan base, softball, touch ball are all fun with sand.

Do sand castles. Sand castles can be addicting. Once you get the right mix of sand and water, building ideas will be unlimited. Unleash the architect in you at the beach!

Massage. Dig a hole enough to sink your face into. An instant massage floor. Getting a massage on the beach is very liberating because the sound of the waves adds up to the relaxing.

Picnic. Eat barbeque and grab that adobo with your hands. Picnic at the beach is so nice because there’s no stress in watching your table manner.. simply because there’s no table. Kidding aside, sitting around a blanket with overflowing food is appetizing enough to stay at the picnic site the whole day.

Bonfire. Cool sea breeze at night mixes great with a good hot bonfire.

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