Friday, April 24, 2009

Puerto Princesa and LPG

Advancing Puerto Princesa’s efforts to truly become a eco-friendly tourist destination, Mayor Hagedorn last year, encouraged tricycle operates to use LPG as their fuel option. To date, almost 80% of tricycles are now using LPG decreasing their fuel costs by at least 50%. The Puerto Princesa government helped the owners and operators convert existing motors under easy loan programs. These efforts no matter how small adds up to the total synergy of communities that want a sustainable environmentally healthy surroundings. It really takes a community to support ideas that will help the environment. Effort of the community continue to gain credits due to these small efforts. Puerto Princesa is the “Most Environmental Friendly Port” as chosen by the Philippine Ports Authority. Tourists continue to tag it as the ‘Cleanest and Greenest’ City. The municipality is also bidding it to become the Sports Tourism City in the Philippines.

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