Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Palawan Photographs

Do you travel to take photos or take photos to travel? Both are fun. But while the tourist is at it, here are some photo tips to help you maximize your exciting tours and travels to Palawan.

How to take an amateur shot with a pro’s digital camera?

When taking photos of nature, try:

1. taking it during 5am or 5pm, also known as the ‘witching hour’. The light during these hours is not too harsh nor too little.

2. capturing the ‘textures’ that nature offers the photographer who could only reproduce the shot in two dimensional form versus the three dimensionality of the actual experience.

3. shoot the experience that the natural habitat offers by putting people on the sidelines projecting emotions through their eyes and smiles.

4. experiment with group shots so that they don’t look like mug shots. Let your subjects spread out all over the natural backdrop and pretend they are part of nature.

5. telling your subjects to smile with teeth. Pearly whites bring a glow to snapshots.

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