Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lunch at Sea via the Catamaran

One word describes eating at Legend Palawan Catamaran. Pampering. Imagine that you’re all part of the Datu’s family, boarding a big big banca. Smiling servants bring in fresh catch of the day in parade fashion. They bring the fiesta into the banca as well, where your family will eat and be merry amidst ocean blue surroundings, that is, Palawan. Now, that’s the way to lunch, only in the Philippines.

And what’s on the menu that is on the banca? This is just a few to mention…

1. Grilled squid

2. Grilled pork

3. Steamed vegetables with salted eggs and bagoong

4. Freshly grilled fish such as Gindara, Tangigue, and Blue Marlin

5. Chicken Barbeque

6. and more…

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