Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Legend Palawan

“My stay at Legend Palawan was very nice. They let us sit down first and have our welcome drinks before they made us do all registry sign here and sign there. Their rooms are clean, comfortable and rates are affordable. The staff welcomes us each time and it seemed so effortless on their part. You can feel how sincere their smiles are compared to other hotels where their staff is just smiling for the sake of smiling. The Legend Palawan explained to us all the option tours that we can avail. This was important for me because options really puts us in a better position to decide what tour package to choose. Our stay at the hotel was relaxing. There was no tension at all. My only regret with the hotel is that it’s not found along the main road of Puerto Princesa. Though it’s not hard to find the hotel, it would have been perfect if they were more strategically located.”
- Chiqui

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