Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dolphins bringing out the child in you

Eco tourism has saved the dolphins from extinction here in the islands of the Philippines. Warm Philippine waters attract a host of animal and plant species that help an ecosystem survive, develop and evolve. Dolphin watching is a truly must do when in Palawan. Just imagine the billions of people who won’t have the chance to see a dolphin up close and personal and in action in the wild at that!

Meeting dolphins in the wild is an experience only your human instincts will remember. You ride a banca, join them on their way or at their feeding grounds. The experience is spectacular because there is this raw excitement you feel at the pit of your stomach. They are such elegant creatures that seem so large but so versatile and strong. They can destroy your boat but they don’t. They have smiling faces and would make a somersault in the air to make you cheer with glee just like how you did when you were in grade one.

The experience promises a different beat of fun. Something most people lose when they decide to ‘Grow Up’.

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