Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Palawan Dreaming: What to wear! What to bring! What to do in paradise called Palawan!

First is what to bring! So you’ve signed up with Cebu Pacific’s Go Lite Fares and clicked on the No Luggage sign. 3-day travel essentials that can fit a bag, a knapsack must be planed and prepared ahead of time. Well, for the adventurer at heart who can be as carefree as a light dragonfly visiting the islands of Honda Bay, bring:

Palawan Bag Checklist:

Bathing suit

Wrap around or malong (very handy)


Sunblock – (you can buy it there if you like)

2 shirts that easily dries ( in case you need to handwash )

2 shorts




1. The hotel will take care of your toiletries and fresh towels so there goes the bulky towel.

2. When getting there, you will be wearing jeans if you need to but choose something light if possible.

3. No need to bring extra footwear if you wear sandals getting there.

4. Make sure you bring cash or credit cards because you never know if the ATM’s would eat the card.

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