Friday, March 27, 2009

Make it Honda Bay!

Honda Bay is very popular in Palawan because it’s a spectacle visitor’s can experience for themselves, sea touring several islets with shallow reefs. On their wonderful beaches, visitors can swim, snorkel and dive as much as they can play patintero, volleyball and tag on the sand. Cowrie and Bat are two islets in Honda Bay so named because of large fruit bats that can be seen near sundown when it’s time for their daily feed. Snake island is a super white sand island shaped like a snake. Visitors can get pictures of large and lovely shells on Snake island. Lu-li Island is so named because it can be seen perfectly during low tide. It’s a floating island of sorts. Senorita Island is breeding ground for that yummy lapu-lapu. Meara Marina and Starfish Island tour visitors to its beautiful coral reefs and crystal clear blue waters. Most of these islets are deserted and thus you get a feel of being in paradise. Meara Marina and Starfish Island has lodging facilities for that extra adventure that some people look for.

Make Honda Bay a destination anytime between December and May, which is a good season for sun and sea. The Legend Palawan is always ready to welcome you to Puerto Princesa.

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