Monday, March 23, 2009

A little peace of paradise for the whole family

Parents bent on working hard for their kid’s future emerse themselves into the stressful hussle and bustle of metropolis living. Some realize that they’ve overworked themselves missing out quality quiet moments with their brood. And suddenly it’s an empty nest. Legend Palawan makes escape from city life to a peaceful paradise very affordable for the Filipino family.

For the past seven years, The Legend Palawan has been host to families who rekindled the simple joys of family life as they take a break away from the city’s noise, traffic, pollution, fast forward everyday living.. With trained tour coordinators, families safely enjoy the wonders of nature in sea and wildlife destinations while having fun together. Tours are custom made to accommodate family needs from start to finish. Besides flexible food arrangements, menus are also kid friendly. Tour boats are sturdy and sea worthy.

Legend Palawan's family rooms are comfortable and equipped with amenities such as cable TV and wifi access, hotel swim pool, concert-karaoke rooms and the Salo dining lounge. Legend Palawan hotel staff makes sure that the hotel becomes a second home to their family guests. The Sulit Alaga Legend brand of service is fully implemented in The Legend Palawan. Best of all, the familiy can avail of paylite rates without sacrificing quality days of fun and nights of tranquility.

Filipino family bonding in Palawan is assured. With world heritage destinations like the Underground River, Honda Bay and wildlife sanctuaries, the Fiilipinos are blessed with world class vacation spots. It is just right that the Filipino families become the first to see these sights and experience world class destinations right in our own country.

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