Monday, March 16, 2009

Honeymoons forever in Palawan

Romance is a major must have during honeymoons, or else just don’t have one. When one says romantic, automatic images come to mind like candle light dinner for two, a soothing massage for two, a stroll under moonlit skies and barefoot walks on the beach. All these can happen in any kind of beach but in Puerto Princesa, honeymooning is a major production number!

The candle light dinner for two can be done on the beach, far from the sound of the city. Honeymooners can walk hand in hand touring the butterfly gardens. Pretend to be Indiana Jones and his leading lady as you tour the underground river. Go under the sparkling waterfalls like lovers lost in paradise just like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. And best of all, enjoy the peace and quiet of each sunrise and sunset in Puerto Princesa, quiet enough to hear each other’s heartbeats. Honeymoons for two in Puerto Princesa by The Legend Palawan is definitely a most memorable experience.

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