Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Honeymoon Tips!

Honeymoon alas! It’s that first night of nights! For some couples planning their wedding, the honeymoon comes first on the checklist. There are some basic tips to ensure a real marriage sealer type of honeymoon.

1. Don’t bring relatives. You wouldn’t believe it but I know some couples who brought their in-laws to their honeymoon with them, no kidding.

2. Choose a place where you both have not been to before. Experiencing something new together is a basic theme of honest to goodness honeymoons.

3. And since it’s a new place, make sure service is great because you can’t afford having bad service ruin your once in a lifetime honeymoon! At The Legend Palawan, our honeymoon package ensures new couples of an exciting start of a journey forever, together.

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