Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Great Family Outing

Before getting into that ‘empty nest’ stage in family life, make Palawan your destination to a Great Family Outing. Even families need that break from being that usual kind of family that eats together and prays together. Adventuring together in Palawan will definitely get any family to experience each other’s love and company amidst nature, sea and wildlife. There’s just definitely a magical glue that holds a whole family together when they experience Palawan for the first time. Sometimes, adventure can tell parents how their brood react to external stimulus such as holding a baby crocodile, seeing thousands of bats flying overhead, or bathing under a waterfall for the first time.

There’s nothing like seeing a child’s face beam up upon seeing wild dolphins go up in the air. A whole family’s experience of a whale shark puts a special bond to them so much so that the stories of that moment continually becomes a topic during family dinners. Great Family Outings at The Legend Palawan will definitely fill up memory cards.

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