Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barkada Bonding

Barkada trips to Palawan offer very unique escapades to friends who want to take their friendships to greater heights. Dine outs and shopping in the city with the barkada is cool but taking that Palawan trip will definitely add zest to Friendster, Facebooks and Multiply uploads.

One good thing about going to Palawan as a barkada is making the cost amazingly affordable. With the KKB tradition, everything will be divided by… Another good thing about experiencing Palawan with the barkada is getting more than one insight from the same site. Just experiencing the Underground River together will definitely gather different reactions from your friends. Some would be curious, some would be spooked with the darkness, some would have goosebumps, some would be awed, but everyone would definitely enjoy the river because everyone would be together in one banca.

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