Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Family Trip to Puerto Princesa

It was her very first tour with her first born and Rowena Sombrano (Wheng) was ecstatic by that thought alone. Destination? The infamous Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was supposed to be an official trip with colleagues but Wheng and her husband, Eric, decided to tag along their four-month-old son.

They traveled by plane from Manila to Palawan but not before having to travel first by land from their homeland in Batangas. “It felt amazing to be able to travel again after being pregnant with my kid”. However, for the baby, the ride was not smooth at all. Indeed, humidity did not agree with the little one resulting to a journey with a screaming and whimpering kid as the background music.

But then, things were about to get better – much, much better. After checking into the hotel and getting a much needed rest, the couple also prepared themselves with the excursion that awaited them. “After a brief tour held by the hotel personnel, we went to the Crocodile Farm. But what really inspired me was when we went to the bilibid prison. The inmates there were making great handworks!” Next stop was the underground river where they rode a small boat together with their son. Then, they had the Seven Island tour that enabled them to see the different shores within one great sea.

“We were just thrilled to be able to see and touch living creatures undersea! We went scuba diving and surf boarding.” And what better way to experience the depth and splendour of this other world than experiencing it with your special someone?

No trip was complete without pasalubong for the relatives. In fact, they packed their bags with locally made necklaces, bracelets, and other souvenirs. And of course, no sane Filipino will go home without purchasing shirts with one of their 7,101 (low-tide or high tide) islands featured in it.

Puerto Princesa truly became a haven for this couple. And of course, a trip is not complete without the sumptuous food ready to be conquered. “Everyday was seafood fest for us. Since all the fish, crabs, prawns, etc. served to us were fresh, it was really enjoyable even if it only took simple and little preparation.” Truly, Palawan being abundant of sea foods and other local delicacies, the place was a treat not only to the senses but to the taste buds as well.

Wheng was astonished by the trip. “We recommend Puerto Princesa as a vacation spot because of the place’s simple and comfortable abode. In addition, this place also suits tight budgeted travellers because of the abundance of affordable food and accommodation. The place in itself with the breathtaking scenery and the uncorrupted environment completed the trip not to mention the hospitality of the Palawenos.”

For them, the highlights of the trip were Underground River and the Seven Island Hopping. “Being there made us realize how pleasant it is to be in the Philippines”. Before concluding their trip, the couple had their photo frame engraved. “Now, looking at the picture, we hope that the next time we return to Palawan, we can take more photos and take our three more kids along with us.

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