Friday, June 6, 2008

Kring Elenzano Palawan Experience Day 3

Vlogger Kring Elenzano ( took a 4-day PAX (Palawan Experience) Puerto Princesa tour and this is the last part of her travel chronicle.


Our last day at Palawan was indeed very memorable. It was my first time to go snorkeling and Honda Bay didn't disappoint me one bit. I only wish I knew how to deep dive (or whatever that's called) because swimming amongst a school of Jacks (again, I'm not sure about this. Clearly, I don't know what I'm talking about hahaha!) is exponentially cooler than floating on the surface with a life vest. But really, I didn't mind. Because I was just overwhelmed to see all those fishes, of different colors and shapes randomly swimming underneath my belly. I can't even put into words how awesome it was, especially when we fed them and they went gaga over the bread! I was expecting to see a pawikan but I was told they live far out in the sea.

After almost half a day of mingling with the sea creatures, we went to the Puerto Princesa market to buy pasalubongs for our families and friends. If I had brought more money - or make that - if I was rich enough, I would've bought pearls for me and my mom because they're relatively cheap compared to those sold in Manila.

We had merienda at a pizza/pasta at McCoy's before we went to Badjao Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Shrimp! Shrimp! We went Karoke-ing much later that night and boy, what a way to cap the day (P0yt pawned us with her performances)!

Not to sound cheesy or showbizy but my Palawan experience was just... exponentially awesome. The Legend Palawan made us feel at home and the people of Puerto Princesa seemed genuinely happy to have visitors. I only have praises for Palawan and I could only wish that more people would visit it and have the time of their lives. Seriously, visit it. If you won't enjoy, the beer's on me. :D

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