Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kring Elenzano Palawan Experience - Day 2

Video blogger (vlogger) Kring Elenzano took a 4-day PAX (Palawan Experience) tour and we'll be sharing her travel chronicle in this blog.

I was looking forward to our 2nd day in Palawan even though we had to wake up at 6 am (and I have to mention the fact that we went to bed at 1 am but you may blame Rick for that). We pulled out from the hotel at 7 am and headed to the Sabang Wharf before we went to the underground river.

I can't even put into words how awesome the experience was. No, serious. Apparently, it's the only underground river in the world that's open to the public and it was made much more fun by our tour guide/boatman kuya Jun-Jun, who, I believe, sidelines as a comedian at Laffline.

After the Underground River tour, we were brought to the Taraw Beach were we had our lunch and spent uhm, less than an hour swimming. Did I mention it was 12 noon? Yes? But I couldn't resist the temptation and much as I hated to get dark, I faced the waves and cam-whored with my friends.

On the way back to the hotel, we dropped by the Vietnamese Village, only to find out that there are only about 5-10 families left there. It was kinda creepy but very interesting nonetheless.

However, the highlight of the day, I'd say is our Tamilok experience, which you can watch in my Day 2 video. Seriously, it was... memorable. Day 3 coming up!

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