Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coy Caballes Palawan Experience Day 2

Video blogger (vlogger) Coy Caballes took a 4-day PAX (Palawan Experience) tour and we'll be sharing his travel chronicle in this blog.

Here comes two new videos of the Palawan Gang's second batch of adventures and trippings in the beautiful Palawan. We started off with a grand breakfast at Legend Hotel, which prepared us on the two-hour trip we made to Sabang Wharf. The boat trip to the Underground River was fantastic. It was half an hour of serenity and relaxation as the group watched splashes of clear water under several islands covered by very green flora. It was a great appetizer to the main dish, which was the Underground River.

The Underground River is not like any other place I've seen before. It was so grand and majestic - it made a believer out of me that it's one of the wonders of the world. It was a product of millions of years of erosion and shaping of the earth - we were literally staring at history. The rock formations are like fingerprints - all unique and yet each piece takes my breath away equally. Going to this Palawan gem made the day itself for me.

Now watch the second video as the gang "socializes with nature" and have fun for the rest of day. Day 3, coming soon!

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