Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poyt Salazar Palawan Experience Day 1

Photoblogger Faith "Poyt" Salazar took a 4-day PAX (Palawan Experience) tour and we'll be sharing her travel chronicle in this blog.

After more than an hour’s travel to Puerto Princesa from Manila, we were greeted with rain and cloudy skies when we landed. As Palawan Experience (PAX) Tour guests, were picked up with this big sign with our names. The Legend Palawan Hotel is just about five minutes away from the airport. The city looked exceptionally clean – not surprising after being reminded by all our tour hosts of the strict ‘no littering’ policy.

The Legend Palawan Hotel is the biggest in the city with a very Filipino way of welcoming their guests – we were served with cold drinks upon arrival. I felt like I was visiting a kapitbahay – I could just sit back, relax and even put my feet up (only it may bother other people). We had lunch at Tangway, the hotel restaurant, and were served with mainly Filipino dishes. The food was served fast and the waiters were very attentive.

Our first stop was the Crocodile Farm – it houses hundreds of baby crocodiles and we even got to hold one just for P30! The experience was kind of scary, the baby croc’s skin was surprisingly soft and the baby croc wiggled every now and then.

I got a lot of wonderful shots from the Butterfly farm. Being surrounded by the butterflies made me want to sing ‘The Sound of Music’, but the tour host asked us to look at where were stepping since the butterflies perch just about anywhere.

There were no animals at Mitra’s Ranch (I haven’t seen them) – just an amazing view overlooking the city. The ranch is a perfect spot for taking jumpshot photos and doing picnics.

Although I never got around to buying bread from Baker's Hill, I was able to sample their tasty ube and baboy hopia. There were a bunch of animals and statues that makes the place perfect for taking photos. The grass may look comfortable – but, trust me, we endured the prickly grass to get good pictures.

We got to learn the value of a mat at Binuatan weaving house. I also got to try how to weave – just one strand is enough for me to know how hard weaving is.

Even though there were lots of mosquitoes at Galeri Kamarikutan, the whole place was so relaxing it was all worth the bite. Good thing we did not miss the works of fine local artists displayed at the ‘galeri’.

Most trips to the museum aren’t really that special. But there was something about the Palawan museum – maybe the weird cheerleader-looking figure depicting a rice wine ritual or the sense of history I got after seeing pottery dating way back to the Ming Dynasty.

Ka Lui is one of the restaurants which can pull off great dining experience without your shoes on. The feel of the cool bamboo beneath my feet and the calm breeze definitely scored big points for this dining place. I felt like I was transported to another place devoid of stress. Not only was the food exceptional, the whole dining experience is altogether different.

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