Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kring Elenzano Palawan Experience - Day 1

Video blogger (vlogger) Kring Elenzano took a 4-day PAX (Palawan Experience) tour and we'll be sharing her travel chronicle in this blog.

I seriously wonder what took me this long to visit Palawan. I mean, 22 years had to pass before I got to experience the awesomeness of the place, which isn't really a bad thing considering that now, I appreciate things more and see the innate beauty in them. Yes, age makes one profound and poetic like that. After a short 1-hour flight, we arrived in Puerto Princesa sort of disappointed because of the bad weather. But our frowns were immediately washed away once we were met by a staff, brought to the hotel and basically overall treated like rock stars. Win!

The Legend Palawan was surprisingly homey. Maybe it was the interiors of the hotel or probably the warmth of the people that made me feel as if I was just visiting a family relative house. Plus, I shared a room with Poyt and made it all the more fun. To say that I like seafood is an understatement. To say that I "just kinda like" crustaceans is a downright lie. I'd kill to eat shrimp everyday of my life and I had my beloved shrimp in almost every single meal I had there.

And then on to the city tour, with our fave tour guide, Froilan (sorry to the others who entertained us, too but we spent more time with him). It was explained to us before we even got off the plane that littering in Palawan is serious business. You throw garbage in the streets, they throw you in jail. Plain and simple. This had been reiterated to us many times over, because yanno, Manilenos are hardheaded. But I digress...

So we started with the Crocodile Farm, which I wasn't too excited about but it was fun, especially when we got to hold the baby crocky. There were also ostriches there and random animals. Next up was the Butterfly Farm and though it may sound like a name of a gay bar, it's actually a real butterfly paradise. I have never seen so many butterflies gathered in one place in my life! Mitra's Ranch is, well, a ranch owned by the, err, Mitras and has the best view ever. We ended up doing so much jumpshots for photo-op, Michael Jordan would cry if he sees them. We went to Baker's Hill next. They sell hopia there and other delicious breads but my mind was more focused on the flamboyant statues that greeted the visitors. I heard it is a real residential area and boy, how lucky are the homeowners to have Marilyn Monroe and Flavio together in one lawn!

We also dropped by the Binuatan Weaving area and I got to try to weave a place mat. Howkay, it was just a single thread but at least I got to try it nonetheless. They sell for about 300Php in the factory, 600Php in the department stores and well, Calvin Klein apparently sells them for a $100! The Galeri Kamarikutan is a real artists' haven, with paintings and sculptures everywhere, smacked in the middle of the forest. Did I mention that the koi fishes there are gigantic, I thought they were orange dolphins? And finally, we had dinner at Ka Lui restaurant, a place one must go to and eat it if they're in Puerto Princesa. I'm not kidding. It's an experience.

But maybe not as much as the experience we had and I'd share more about our Day 2 misadventures next time... Ja!

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