Monday, February 25, 2008

Life begins at forty

Life begins at forty. Many have said this only to deny the biological fact that they are not getting younger anymore. It is like a positive statement that provides inspiration, hopes, and youthful energy.

An inspiration to carry on in life, which is to discover more about this world, about life, and most importantly about one’s self. A hope that more beautiful things and more precious memories are yet to come. And finally, a youthful energy to make these all happen.

Let’s take it from Maria Clara B. Conopio, or simply Mommy Melodz to her friends, who aside from being lively and beautiful at 41, she likes to travel a lot in every chance she gets. It’s like a new journey is unfolded to a bigger world of excitement and new education. That’s right. She believes that in life we are always like children who never stop learning new things.

She just had been in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last October 30, 2007 for a four-day vacation with her friend, who is also an officemate. It was her first time in Puerto Princesa and like what she had expected, it was a beautiful place that we should be very proud of. It was a place where there was a feeling of encouragement that seemed to welcome new dreams and goals in life.

“There is something in Puerto Princesa that gives you comfort and a spiritual healing deep within you. It refreshes your soul, giving you new meaning in life, a new perspective which is a positive one was created in me when I was there.

We went all over the city, to many beautiful gardens and parks, to many different islands they called in different names but I am not good in remembering names. Well, there was Snake Island, though, that was what I could remember. And Sabang Island! (Sabang Beach). These places are so amazing. They seem to have their own spirit. It is like each island or place has something different to offer you, you know, just looking at them.”

When she was asked to name her favorite spot in Puerto Princesa, she happily said, “The beach, the white sand! And when you go snorkeling, well I believe that scuba diving would be a lot better than snorkeling but we contented ourselves with that, you would never stop appreciating every creature under the water. The fish, the corals, and many more, they are all beautiful. You would realize that God had done so much a beautiful work in our oceans.”

She had learned so many things, that according to her, we often take these things for granted. She believes we are so blessed that God had designed the Philippines that beautiful. It should be then our responsibility to take good care of these gifts.

Nakakapanghinayang naman kung masisira lang ang mga ito, napaka-ganda pa naman,” she said thoughtfully.

The most exciting part throughout her stay in Puerto Princesa was when she had walked 14 kilometers just to reach the famous underground river. She had never expected that she could actually do that. To some point, it made her proud of herself. However, she reluctantly told that she had cried on her bed when she returned to the hotel because she was dead tired all over.

“But my adventure didn’t just end there. When I was in the airport, I met the Mayor (Edward Hagedorn). I told him about my stay there, especially my 14-kilometer walk, he was really amazed that I did that.”

And if given another chance, she would love to return to Puerto Princesa and do it all again. Actually, she is growing impatient waiting for the summer!

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