Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Nostalgic and Unforgettable Experience

Emmanuel Ilagan, a tourism attaché in Los Angeles California, is living in the US with his family for over a decade now. Visiting the Philippines from time to time for a work related trip is his common official routine. Barely having time for recreation as his busy schedule hand tied him, as soon as he was able to squeeze in a planned trip to his home country, Palawan was the first to come up on his list of priorities to explore. As with every Filipino who experienced the place, the exhilaration and bliss that struck each visitor is unforgettable—and is worth sharing.

“Puerto Princesa is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is rich in sanctuary of nature compared to other beaches in the island. The town itself still portrays the lifestyle in a Philippine province rich in culture.”

Coming from the utterance of a tourism attaché, Manny’s words describes best what he had experienced during his trip to the Underground River of Puerto Princesa in Palawan along with Momar Visaya, editor-in-chief of a newspaper in Los Angeles and some tourism officers of Los Angeles. Manny considers his trip to the Underground River of Palawan as one of the highlights in his life.

“Underground River of Palawan is the only place where I had an exciting, nostalgic and unforgettable experience The place is harmonious, as if the complete balance between heaven and earth unites and there you are caught somewhere in between. Underground River in just one tourist spot in Palawan where you can experience God’s greatness portrayed in nature itself."

If a traveler enjoys his visit to a certain place, it is priceless. Of course, I did treasure my experience with Palawan, thus worth my money".

Traveling hundred of miles away from US to the Philippines is no joke, it should be well planned and thought of, the money and time spend should be worth it.

Emmanuel believes the Filipino people are lucky enough to have Puerto Princesa in Palawan on our shore. "They need not to travel hundred of miles away and spend huge amount of money in order to experience its beauty. Puerto Princesa is indeed the Philippines contribution to the earth’s splendor. The Underground River boasts outstanding scenery. If you have gone there once and was able to comeback again, you will notice that it is not the same the last time you were there. Why? Because the stalactite formation and the images on the rocks inside the caves evolve differently depending on the light at the time of the day.

My unforgettable experience was when I boarded a paddle boat winding through the tunnel, and at every turn, you will discover stalactite pillars, rock formation, and domed amphitheater”.

Your imagination is your best ally to enjoy the Underground River, different images surfaces every corner of the blissful cave as you cruise along the boat as if you’re totally in a different dimension. As with Manny’s experience, being there with the family is the next best thing, exploring not only the Underground River of Puerto Princesa, Palawan host numerous places equally overwhelming to one’s senses. Filipinos wherever they maybe, roaming around the globe or just trying their luck in foreign land, there will always be a time when they would come back and appreciate the beauty of the place they call home.

Emmanuel “Manny” Ilagan is also a contributing writer for Tribune USA, Taliba, and Ang Peryodiko newspapers.

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