Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Underground River Tour Experience

I went there alone but left with 5 new friends.” This is how Roel Baldivas, a product specialist summed up his Palawan experience. He never even thought that his solitary trip would mean having a few good laughs with strangers who would soon become friends.

Although going to Palawan was a dream destination, he never really intended to take the underground river tour. To think, that his visit was nothing but work related, the place was still recommended by friends and hotel personnel during his stay. In turn, their prodding finally convinced him to go.

To begin with, Roel has the least expectations. It wasn’t of great help that on his way to the site along with other tourists, both local and foreign, the state of the road has not been very good. He even noted, “It’s not the transportation that I’m against but the road, the place is a prime tourist spot but it seems that the local government forgot to fix it.” Yes, the ride was bumpy and rough literally yet he, himself, never anticipated surprising fun after.

It took Roel and company two hours before reaching their destination. Since the tour is provided by the hotel and a tour agency, all they need to do was sit back, relax and listen to the ever friendly and accommodating tour guide.

The trip underground lasted for an hour and there, Roel experienced F-U-N with a bit of a downside. “On the tour, one of us was assigned to hold the spotlight as we pave our way inside the caves, since the one designated for the task was a traffic police in Manila; we sort of expected how good his orientation is when it comes to directions, etc. though it seemed to be not the case,” quipped Roel.

For it appeared that whenever the guide asked the guy to focus the lights on a certain stalactite/stalagmite formation, he turned his the other way. “So every time the guide says left, the guy would go right. We didn’t see a thing! It went on for almost half an hour and we missed seeing everything!” added Roel.

On the other hand, everything was not lost for this happy bunch of campers as they somehow managed seeing snakes and other formations, courtesy of the very amiable tour guide of course.

Venting out their frustrations, they continued teasing the traffic police guy. There inside the bus, they chatted and knew each other like friends and the rest as they say is history.

As for Roel, the tour was a journey like no other. He said that for any nature lover, Palawan is living bliss. There is more than meets the eye when one visits Palawan, for it boasts not only of pristine and breathtaking sights but has in it the most friendly faces and gentle smiles.

I’ll recommend it to my former classmates, clients and friends. I really fell in love with Palawan, because here one can prove that nature and humans can exist without creating harm.” Roel further adds.

I really love Palawan ever since but because I already experienced the underground river tour, I love it even more.

True to his words, Roel’s adventure turned out as enriching and fulfilling. In the process, he met people who later on became good friends. In fact, he loved the place so much, he will try coming back with them. It seemed the underground experience linked lives in ways more than one, and as for the traffic policeman, well, he is always welcome.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to be an independent tourist in palawan? is it safe? my husband hates planned tour he wants it more adventurous. any suggestions?thanks

Anonymous said...

underground river is nice.. i have nothing to say about that place.. but our trip going there is what we call a disaster, you know why? it is because the management there.. we wait for a long time before they allow us to go to the national park, they hold our permit .. i don't like the lady who issued receipt for our entrance fee's (beth).. we wish that we don't see her face again if we decide to come back there next year