Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stalagmites and Stalactites

These natural phenomena called stalagmites and stalactites are mostly seen on the grade five textbooks. A minor visualization of these can be found in your freezer’s if they’re not auto defrost. There’s another way to experience the real thing and it’s just right here in the Philippines, in Palawan.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a gem in the island of Palawan, considered the ‘Islands of the Gods’ and world destination for international tourists. As one travels into the 5 km stretch of underground river, one can experience one on one connection with the centuries old stalagmites and stalactites. These are jewels of the country. Millions of tourists each year are able to experience this natural wonder, right off the science textbooks.

Be sure to ask for this subterranean river cruise experience with The Legend Palawan. They would happy to serve your adventure needs!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diving in Palawan

One just has to try diving for once. Human beings are 70% made up of water and going into the deep blue sea, the body will remember of that nine months when the unborn child is surrounded with liquid. Diving into the sea brings a totally different world of wonder for divers. For some divers, diving has become a passion. Endowned with beautiful reefs, marine life and shipwreck sites, diving in Palawan has become a world reknowned destination.

While other deep blues can have more spectacular natural exhibits, only in the Philippines do you have the right mix of warm diving waters, varied coral formations and a kaleidoscope of diving sites with matching friendly smiling boat men to guide you. Try the Palawan diving experience at The Legend Palawan where experiencing Palawan is a walk on the beach.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dolphin Watching

These creatures are absolutely magical especially in the wild. They turn into clowns in the zoo but in the ocean, swimming with their groups, the experience of seeing these creatures out in the wild open is definitely memorable and meaningful. They can swim faster than the bancas. They can dive deep into the waters. But for a few minutes, they will swim with the motorboats clad with excited tourists that can turn into a frenzy as well.

Swimming in groups, a spectator can’t set ones eyes on one particular dolphin because there’s just so many to choose one. Everyone’s a favorite until one particular dolphin shoots up above the water and dives back again into the water taking you by surprise because you don’t see that coming.

Safety at sea is a priority with sea tours and following instructions of the banca’s captain is a must. Book your dolphin sea tours with The Legend Palawan where dolphin watching get more magical each time.

Monday, May 11, 2009


These beautiful sea creatures are vibrant at their most natural homes, the sea. They come in different colors and sizes and almost all the beaches in the Philippines is home to them. Unfortunately, the moment a tourist sees these creatures resting on the sands or just slowly gliding through the water, tourists instantly pick them up and most often than not, covet them and bring them home. Just a few minutes out of the water, these star fishes lose their luster, they get dehydrated and die and eventually, the tourist just drops them dead into the waters again.

What’s amazing with the starfishes is that when they land on their backs for one reason or another, they can maneuver their bodies to be right side up again. View these starfishes during the many seascape adventures brought by the Palawan Experience Tours of The Legend Palawan.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Puerto Princesa is a journey through time

While most tourists really go for site seeing, shopping and eating pleasures, there is another distinct feature that Puerto Princesa offers via the Legend Palawan tours. It must be remembered that Puerto Princesa was formerly a shipping and trade port even before the Spaniards came. Determined by its perfect geography against the high winds of the China Sea, this port in Palawan offers safe passage to the other nearby islands in the Visayas such as Romblon. For marine life, like the dolphins, whales and fishes, the stretch from Coron Bay, Honda Bay and the Sulu Sea offers less treacherous currents for marine life versus the open water of the China Sea. Taking a tour around Puerto Princesa takes you exactly back to where these old traders traverse the Visayan islands. Imagine you are a Chinese trader from Taiwan, selling china pots for garlic. Lot of tourists get mesmerized by Palawan's unique natural scapes nowhere else to be found in the other Philippine islands.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Palawan “Only in my dreams” no more

Business men seems like on top of the world at times, only to realize that they don’t have time for themselves. At Legend Palawan, business travelers can take their much needed vacation without sacrificing precious business transactions. The premier business hotel is ready to accommodate business travelers who need reliable communication access. With free wifi 24 hours a day, guests can check on their emails after a day of island hopping in Honda Bay.

Guests have the option to hold their meetings and conferences in the many seminar areas available at Legend Palawan. This way, the meeting members can look forward to lunches at the Catamaran right after the meeting. In a fast paced dog eat dog world of business, there is leisure to be found in Legend Palawan that is most available not only to business people but also to family and friends. It’s hitting two birds with one stone in paradise style.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kill nothing but time

Time will slow down when you’re in Palawan. There’s no rush going to the office. There’s no mrt to catch or cab to haggle with. Take a breather and kill nothing but time, as the mountaineers go. So how does one kill time?

1. Do the longest hair hot oil that you have ever done.
2. Take a foot spa at the beach using only the most natural ingredients on earth, sand and sea.
3. Do a paparazzi pictorial complete with costume change and creative make up.
4. Read books and novels you always wanted to devour.
5. Just walk around and explore the sights.
6. Movie marathon. Watch the whole season of your favorite tv series, twice.
7. Chat with friends and family you are with at Palawan.
8. Videoke all night long at PAD’s Concert Rooms.
9. Or simply spend a quiet moment with your hubby, daughter or son, grandma or grandpa, dad or mom.